Hindi Manch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2017 online rules

Our aim is to promote and motivate local singers through this event that is

why we are keeping the rules very simple, and will put in our best efforts to make all participants comfortable.


1. Auditions will be held in Chelmsford (Oct 7th), Framingham (Oct 8th),  and Waltham (Oct 14th) and you can participate at only one of these venues. We will try our best to give you an audi tion venue of your choice, but if you submit your entry late then you may have to go for your second choice.


2. There will be 4 categories of participants: (There will not be different categories for male and female entries.) Ages 6-12 | Ages 13-20 | Ages 21-50 | and above 50 year


3. Entry fee for audition is $15. Your entry fee include s free entry to the finale event.

4.  You will be given 5 minutes for audition. You will have to sing one or two songs from any bollywood hindi movie during these 5 mi nutes. It is up to you if you want to use 5 minutes for singing only 1 song or if you want to sing 2 songs. You cannot sing more than 2 songs. The maximum time limit is 5 minutes.


5. You will be given a 1 hour window during which you will have your audition. We will do our best to make sure that your audition will be in that time window so that you do not have to wait for long. You need to give a solo performance.


6.  The songs need to be from any Hindi movie and should be in Hindi.

7. for Duet category one singer can participate in once, he or she is free to try out as individual.


7. You can use any method to present your song – with or without background music. You can use pre-recorded background music
(karaoke) as well. If you cannot find background music (karaoke) for your songs then please let us know and we will try our best to arrange the karaoke for you.


8. Audition will be in a room in front of judges. It is not a public appearance. Your family members or supporters will be not allowed in the audition room.


9. We will publish the results of the auditions on Oct 19 2017. You will be informed about the results via e-mail or phone. On the day of the audition, the judges will not share any results with you. 


10. We will select semi-finalists from the above categories. These will go in for semi-final round on Nov 5th in the afternoon. This will follow the final round after which winners will be announced. The rules for the last few rounds (for Nov 5th) will be published soon. The semi-final and final will be open to public and will have an audience.


11. We will also arrange an optional workshop for the semi-finalists. The music teachers from the New England area will conduct these workshops to help the finalists prepare their songs for the final event. This workshop will have a nominal fee ($25) and it is optional. The idea is to improve the quality of songs for the final event using these workshops. 


12. This program is not associated with Zee SaReGaMaPa. 


13. Please drop us an email at hindimanchsaregamapa@gmail.com or contact us at 781-640-6060/ 617-620-1804/ 603-759-0377 for any further details.