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Natya Vibhag, an integral part of Hindi Manch, is dedicated to the art of theater. We not only produce entertaining plays in Hindi but conduct workshops and training for people who are intersted in theater and acting. In past 10 years we have produced over a dozen of play of various lengths under the guidence of Late Sri Mohan Dali, a founding member of Hindi Manch and a veteran from Bollywood, who was associated with such films as Teesri Kasam etc. One of the plays produced was Mirchi Cola, that was written by Preetesh Srivastava, the President of Hindi Manch. So far more than 50 actors have participated in our plays including many acting for the first time.

If you want little drama in your life, come and join us.

Hindi Manch Rastriya Natya Mella

To celebrate our 10th anniversary and as part of our 3-Day HMRM, we are presenting 5 different plays this year from various organizations including 2 in-house production of Hindi Manch. These plays covers various genre of plays including Drama, Comedy, Musical, One-Act and Satire.

Fail Kara Do Yaaro
(Saturday, December 1, 12:00-1:00 PM)
The play ‘ Fail Kara Do Yaaro’ is a comedy mixed with shades of satire. It’s a story of an dejected middle aged man; who inspite of having a degree finds himself as unsuccessful and unfit in the scheme of life. In his opinion he finds his college, where he got his education from, and its professors  as responsible for his poor lifestyle. He questions the value of the degree as it did not fetch him the job and lifestyle he aspired for. He walks up to his college principal and openly admits that he is a failure in life primarily because of the education he has received, and thus the choices he was forced to adopt. And not just that, he demands that the college needs to pay him back his tution as educational qualification did not bear any fruit .The man forces the perplexed professors to re examine him for all the subjects -where he is determined to ‘fail’ the exams, thereby proving his point. Will the professors succumb to his demand? Or the man going to return empty handed? A hilarious drama unfolds as both sides get ready to face-off each other to prove their own viewpoint, be it right or wrong.
Written by Jayati Banerjee / Amitabh Lala ( Hindi adaptation and editing)
Directed by Amitabha Lala; Co-director Jayati Banerjee
Cast: Yagnik Pandya
Jayati Banerjee
Abhijit Chakladar
Anamika Sengupta
Anjali Sinha
Anurag Jain
Amitabha lala
Bakar Bakar
(Saturday December 1st, 1:30-2:30 pm)
A middle aged couple start talking about things they want to do in  life, and things keep getting an unexpected turn every time they talk about it
Written by Yogesh Soman, Adapted by Chaitanya Godsay
Directed by Chaitanya Godsay
Cast: Chaitanya Godsay, Mugdha Kulkarni
Mirchi Cola
(Saturday December 1st, 3:00-4:30 pm)

Mirchi-Cola a laugh riot that takes you through the series of events unfolded in a day and in the end, it leaves you surprised and laughing on floor at the same time. Characters woven so well that you just fall in live with them. Written by Preetesh Shrivastava, Directed by Pratibha Krishnamurty.

Cast of Mirchi Cola Play

Rambharose :   Manish Arora
Raju aka. Rajeshwar : Madhusudhan Akkihebbal
Gauri  : Monisha Prakash
Mr. Sethi : Sanjay Jain
Reema : Shalini Kashyap
Naveen: Gaurav Jetly
Jaya : Yogita Miharia
Guptaji : Dilip Gehlot
Rasoiya : Anil Saigal
Badshah Bhai : G L Srikanth
Inspector Dayal : Prasoon Chaturvedi
Havaldar Govindlal : Chirag Parikh

(Sunday December 2nd, 3:30-5:00 pm)

‘Rai’ is a popular folk-dance form in Bundelkhand (Central India). This dance form evolved over the centuries, by the dancers, who were assigned to the temples and committed for life in the prayer of God, very much on similar lines as ‘Devdaasi’ tradition in South India. But over the years, ‘Rai’ dancers were exploited, by the higher strata of society. Not only their situation deteriorated over the years, but ‘Rai’ dance form also got a bad name. This play is about the life, struggle and aspirations of ‘Rai’ dancers. The play primarily revolves around 4 main characters.

Cast & Crew of Rai
Writer: Indira Dangi
Director: Ameeya Mehta
Set design: Dhananjay Nichakawade
Music: Himanshu Sharma and Ramesh Swarnkar
Lights: Ameeya Mehta
Choreography and Costume: Anu Mehta
Cast: Dhanashree Vaidya, Deepak Gupta, Neeta Vyas, Ajit Singh, Aanchal Sharma, Dhananjay Nichakawade, Himanshu Sharma, Ramesh Swarnkar, Monika Swarnkar, Vedant Nayak, Priti Nayak, Anu Mehta, Geetanjali Gupta, Anika Mehta, Medha Gupta, Neeraj Sharma


Ek Aur Dronacharya
(Sunday December 2nd, 6:00-8:00 pm)

Faced with an impossible choice, knowing what is right and just, people more often than not, continue to choose the easy path. It is a situation that has repeated time and again over the ages and affected both great and ordinary men.

This powerful play, Ek aur Dronacharya, written by Shri. Shankar Shesh deals with the dilemmas and contradictions that one man faces when forced to make such a choice.

There is also a complex underlying tapestry of factors influencing the decision, including personal gain, family welfare and perhaps a larger picture.

Caught in the midst of a cacophony of advising voices, what choice does Arvind, the protagonist make? What would you do?

This highly successful and engaging drama with its powerful dialogues and riveting scenes is brought to you by Hindi Manch and New England’s, very own theatre group – Natyarang.

written by: Shankar Shesh
directed by: Madhu Nene

Cast & Crew of Ek Aur Dronacharya

Arvind – Ajay Jain
Leela – Eesha Ingle
Yadu – Satish Palyum
President: Chandu Shah
Vimalendu: Ajay Jaisingh
Dronacharya – Manaswi Sharma
Krupi – Ruchika Yadav
Young Aswathama – Soham Kadam
Doot: Akash Bulbule
Arjun: Krishan
Eklavya: Ashish Panke
Anuradha: Gopika Narula
Older Ashwathama: Sushant Mulgaonkar
Judge (voice): Chandu Shah
Prosecution Lawyer ( voice): Sanjay Jain
Defense Lawyer(voice): Madhu Nene
Soldier: Akash Bulbule
Aahat ( wounded soldier): Shrikant Palyum
Yudhisthir: Ayush Vyas
Voice: Shashank Nene

Music: Saket Joshi & Shashank Nene
Sounds: Shashank Nene & Harshal Joshi
Lights: Shraddha Deorukhkar
Make up: Swati Vyas
Costumes: Siddhi Waknis & Madhu Nene


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