Hindi Manch
An Hindi Manch initiative that brings the community together to deal with the Corona Pandemic

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For Donation – Please contact kn95maskdrive@gmail.com

VENMO – Twinkle Morbia

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 Paypal – twinklemorbia@hotmail.com (#kn95maskdrive)

We started a KN95 Mask Drive on 26th March, 2020 to support the New England community medical staff in hospitals who are treating Covid 19 infected patients directly as they faced a severe shortage of masks. Recently, we also expanded our outreach to nursing homes who are serving the most vulnerable population in the community. To-date we have helped over 20 hospitals and nursing homes in the New England area. The community has generously supported our drive enabling us to donate more then 1400 KN95 masks to hospitals and nursing homes in the New England area. 100% of the donations go to buying KN95 masks with no overhead of delivery of masks to hospitals or paying fees to PayPal/Venmo. We urge the community to continue funding our drive and JOIN HANDS with us. In this unexpected war between humanity vs. virus Sunanda, Twinkle and Gunjan have created a grass roots effort by bring together individual skills, resources and strengths to build an organic drive from initiation to execution. 

We had individual reasons for the drive but with the same end goal to help during


Sunanda: “I solve complex problems at Dell Technologies and support the vision to accelerate human progress. Additionally, I lead employee resource group for technical women and support girls in stem. Applying the same to the pandemic has been an easy transition to quickly bring the drive to fruition. I had already been doing individual donations in my personal capacity and when Twinkle called to joined hands, it was a no-brainer and this drive was born.”

Twinkle: “This drive is a baby of my Self-Quarantine story. The drive was an outcome of my desperation to help the community during self-quarantine period after I returned from India. One phone call to my friend Sunanda led to the birth of this drive and there was no looking back. Huge credit goes to the kind-hearted people of New England Community, who believed in our mission and trusted our efforts for us to be able to carry this drive successfully for more then a month now. Much gratitude and respect to their generous donations.”

Gunjan: “I personally feel, am doing this drive for my own selfish reasons which is first, my husband is asthmatic and I love all my friends/community members & having lived here for 17 years and didn’t want to experience the nightmare of medical system to collapse in this pandemic war and being a warrior by trait, did what my gut/survival instinct suggested”

The drive is run by three passionate New England women:

Sunanda Pepalla from Acton, MA (Chief of Staff Operations, Dell Global CT Office and Founder of American Alpha Assets LLC)

Twinkle Morbia from Shrewsbury, MA (Entrepreneur, Syna’s Collection and Krish Enterprise, Inc.)

Gunjan Kuthiala from Merrimack, NH (Founder, CEO NRILIFE productions and Managing Partner Jobgini)

To donate to this cause:

Venmo to: Twinkle Morbia (Please use these hashtags #venmoitforward #venmo #helpothers #payitforward #kn95maskdrive)


PayPal to: twinklemorbia@hotmail.com (#kn95maskdrive