Sahitya Vibhag

Hindi Manch Sahitya Sammelan 2022 – June 12th 2022 @2:00PM
This is a in person event with limited seating capacity, masking is required for unvaccinated individuals. Fill out form below to register for the event.
  • Registration for Hindi Manch Sahitya Samhelan on June 12th is Closed. Please come register at the venue.
  • The event is free for all Hindi Manch Members.
  • Non-members ticket is $10 each.
    The yearly membership for the entire family is $25 and this event is free to enjoy as family.
  • Avail the maximum benefit as members and support this great cause.
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“Sahitya Vibhag” has been the main link between the Hindi-Urdu literature loving community in New England area and the pearls of Hindi Urdu Literature. As one of the main departments of Hindi Manch, Sahitya Vibhag purely focuses on to bring Literary activities of Hindi, Urdu and related dialects to the community such as Sahitya Sammelans, Mushairas, Sahityik Goshthis etc.
Sahitya Vibhag, hosts several Sahithyik Goshth’s round the year and one annual Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. Goshth’s are the small literary sittings organized in local public libraries, for the local Hindi-Urdu literature loving community where anybody can recite his/her, or others stories, memoirs, skits, songs, geets, and poems. Sahitya Sammelan is an annual event on a much larger scale where local Poets and Writers recite their own poetry, Sher, Ghazal, Geet to a much a wider audience in a performance Hall/Theatre.

The Hindi Manch Sahitya Vibhag caters to the literary taste of the lovers of Hindi/Urdu and associated Hindustani languages. Our aim is to nurture, motivate and promote local artists (writers, poets, authors, etc) through these events.